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Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank Services

Central Virginia Soil Consulting, Inc. has many years of professional experience in providing consulting services to underground storage tank (UST) and aboveground storage tank (AST) owners in Virginia. These services include regulatory compliance issues, UST and AST permanent closure services and site characterizations for UST and AST petroleum releases. Professionally prepared site characterization reports are submitted to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) on the behalf of the client. We have full capability to conduct all required corrective action activities for our clients in cases of petroleum releases from USTs and AST sites. From initial abatement measures through remediation and site closure, we provide complete professional services to our clients as their liaison to the Virginia DEQ. If the owner of the USTs or ASTs is eligible for reimbursement from the Virginia Petroleum Storage Tank Fund, we can provide full service for completion of the reimbursement claim package on the behalf of the client.

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Soil and Groundwater Investigations

Central Virginia Soil Consulting, Inc. has the personnel and equipment available to conduct detailed soil and groundwater investigations. Under the direction of a Virginia Certified Professional Geologist and Licensed Professional Soil Scientist, we have over 30-years of experience in conducting soil and groundwater hydrologic investigations across Virginia. Using our direct push rig capabilities, small diameter nested wells may be installed in order to evaluate non-horizontal groundwater flow and for discrete groundwater sampling. If needed, our hollow stem auger rig may be employed for the construction of 2-inch diameter monitoring wells. Because our drill rig is mounted on a four-wheel-drive Kubota tractor, we can get to the drilling locations where the big rigs can’t.

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Soil and Groundwater Remediation Services

Dual Phase Extraction and Treatment

Central Virginia Soil Consulting, Inc. has multiple dual phase extraction and treatment systems that incorporate oil sealed liquid ring pump systems, oil/water separators and air stripping devices. These systems are housed in mobile trailer systems and are ideal for the recovery of gasoline free product and for the remediation of gasoline impacted soil and groundwater. Twenty-four hour seven day a week monitoring of the system operation is made available through the use of ProControl telemetry systems which automatically send out alarm faxes/notifications whenever there is a system malfunction or shut down.

Free Product Recovery Systems

Central Virginia Soil Consulting, Inc. owns and operates pneumatic free product recovery systems for the recovery of floating diesel fuel and heating oil from 2-inch diameter monitoring wells. These systems operate twenty-four hours seven days a week. Product is recovered in 55- gallon drums that incorporate auto shut off when the drum is full.

In-situ Bioremediation

Central Virginia Soil Consulting, Inc. utilizes in-situ bioremediation for the remediation of gasoline contaminated soils and groundwater by injecting/re-circulating biologic activity enhancement products and nutrients into the subsurface which is then recovered from recovery wells. The recovered fluids are then processed for the removal of petroleum contamination, re-amended with biological enhancement products and nutrients and then re-injected into the subsurface. This technology is very effective when incorporated with dual phase extraction and treatment technologies that use liquid ring pump systems. In-situ bioremediation is also utilized for the remediation of heating oil contaminated soil. This is accomplished using direct push injection of pre-mixed biologic activity enhancement products into the contaminated zone.

Petroleum Underground Storage Tank In-place Closures

Central Virginia Soil Consulting, Inc. provides tank owners with inplace closure options to meet statewide fire and building codes. In-place closures are conducted by first obtaining a permit from the local building inspections or Fire Marshall’s office. All fluids and sludge are removed from the tank and the tank is then filled with an inert fill material such as closed-cell polyurethane foam, flowable fill or sand. Full documentation of the in-place closure is provided to the property owner. This method of tank closure is favorable when the tank is located in an area where access by excavation equipment is restricted.

Septic Drainfield Evaluations and Soil Feasibility Studies

Central Virginia Soil Consulting, Inc. has on staff a Virginia Licensed Professional Soil Scientist and Master Alternative Onsite Soil Evaluator with over 30 years experience in conducting soil evaluations for septic drainfield systems, for both single lots and subdivisions. We also conduct shrink-swell potential evaluations where necessary. For speculative development planning, soil mapping for feasibility studies can also be performed.